21 Day Masters Degree – Day Training

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21 Day Masters Degree – Day Training

Get a Masters for your dog in 3 weeks!

This is our one-on-one, customized and personalized obedience daytime training package – your dog goes home with you at night and attends “school” at Canine College 4 days week for 3 weeks (21 days). We excuse your dog from group play for one-on-one training twice a day, and our trainers remain in good communication with you to report progress along the way. You help design the curriculum – just let us know the wanted/unwanted behaviors that are of most concern you. Here are some of most-requested:

Door manners / Greetings – When a person who rings your doorbell is suddenly startled by a furry student jumping and barking at the door,  or for the dog who jumps on everyone. Yes, everyone!

Leash Pulling – Yes, dogs are curious, but is leash-pulling nonstop, or  does your dog nearly pull your arm off trying to get to something that he/she sees?

Shyness – That dog that is a little shy and needs a little help with confidence meeting new people, new dogs (friendly) and experiencing new surfaces

Counter Surfing – Yep, we hear it all the time ….. Ask Deb how a Roast disappeared from her kitchen counter

Toy/Treat surrender – When taking toys or treats away from your furry student ends up in a tug-o-war or chasing-around-the-yard triathlon-like event.

Territorial Boundaries – Your adorable dog has maybe been a little spoiled from the get-go, but now there may be a few behavior adjustments needed to create boundaries in the home. After all, it is YOUR house, YOUR bed, YOUR … well, you get it.

This is a results-oriented, dog-friendly force free training program. Your dog will experience Canine College’s unique approach to training by developing a personalized plan that is effective but also fun while we train and shape unwanted behaviors through positive reinforcement. We do NOT use Electric Collars (known as Remote Training Collars or e collars). Canine College’s training methodology rewards positive behavior and emphasizes dog–friendly force free training practices which have longer lasting results. Our positive training methodology will help you to building a better relationship with your dog.

Don’t need or want a 21 day program?  No problem – we can customize a program for you – just call for more information or complete our Training Questionnaire and someone from our training team will be in touch with you.