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National Dog Bite Prevention Week

shutterstock_263230535The Third Week of May is the National Dog Bite Prevention Week.  Children and Dogs is a great paper for all dog owners whose dogs are exposed to children – click on CHILDREN AND DOGS IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR PARENTS to read our paper.  Since children, statistically the most at risk for a dog bites, we thought it wise to upload our paper on selecting a dog, who will care for the dog and the advantages of an older dog are all important considerations that are discussed.

Back to National Dog Bite Prevention Week ….the observation highlights actions that can be taken to prevent dog bites so here are a few ideas from the American Humane Association’s list:

  • Never leave a child unattended with any dog, regardless of the dog’s demeanor.
  • Teach children that dogs deserve respect.
  • Explain to little ones that they should never play with any dog in a rough manner.
  • Pet parents of puppies should teach socialization skills to their young Spot so the dog will feel more at home among other people and pets.
  • Never put a dog in a situation which will make him or her feel threatened.
  • Go on a constitutional with your canine companion or jog with your dog, as regular exercise will help to maintain both the physical and mental health of your barking buddy.
  • Always walk your dog on a leash while in public.
  • Visit your veterinarian regularly, as a dog who is ill or injured is more apt to strike out at people.
  • Caution people who approach your dog. Strangers should always wait before petting any dog in order to give the canine time to familiarize themselves with the unknown person on their terms.

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