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And our Student of the Week is …..

January 13, 2017

This week we have TWO Students of the Week! Both of these girls are exceptionally smart and have learned a ton in our Puppy Development Program.

Daisy is a four month old Bassett Hound. She was a big ball of energy and her parents needed her to learn some puppy manners. She has excelled at “go to bed,” and “quiet,” and walking on a harness. She also has worked on keeping her paws on the floor. Daisy graduated on Wednesday and earned all A’s on her report card.

Whiskey is a six month old Vizsla. She is still in the middle of her Puppy Development classes but has excelled at every new command she has learned. She is learning all her skills with both verbal commands as well as with hand signals. Whisky does not have to be asked twice to “go to bed” or stay. She is an extremely enthusiastic and obedient student. She is currently working on loose –leash walking and “heel.” She’s so good she doesn’t even need to use a harness!