Spring Break Canine College Style

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Spring Break Canine College Style

Spring Break

From our Canine College Facebook Page:

So while you’ve been on vacation here’s a glimpse of how your pup’s days have gone: 1) Morning beach yoga, naturally downward dog is a favorite. 2) Some afternoon “dog watching” 3) Finally, we put on our best resort wear and hang with all the pals we’re making at Canine College! 😂😂 Just kidding about the ins and out of the day, but of course we’re having a blast caring for your student!

The lucky pups who reserved early are having a blast on campus.  Don’t let your furry student “sit it out” for the upcoming spring and summer high season – call today to make your reservation for Memorial Day, July 4th and summer boarding.  Wohoo!  Spring Break baby!