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Comfy Dorm Rooms

14917154_10154008664976404_6937768992376969132_oAfter running in the playfields all day at Canine College our students enjoy their Dorm Rooms … not crates …. solid wall, secure, private, spacious dorm rooms with room for toys, beds, food and water bowls and plenty of room to stretch.

So many facilities use pre-fab kennels or crates that do not provide privacy and security your furry student needs.  Reduce the stress, bring articles from home including dog beds, toys,perhaps a pillowcase from your bed with your scent – we will put those items in your furry student’s private dorm room.

Our rooms are 6′ high – that’s 6′ of privacy and security.  Our walls are not flimsy material – they are solid, secure, sanitized and permanent to ensure your dog’s safety.

Sure – our rooms are larger than our competitors and sure, we can’t squeeze as many dogs in as those who use crates and smaller pre-fab kennels – that’s not our goal.  We have a large building so we can safety accommodate your furry student.

Come on by – check us out – we love showing off!