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Dog Food Recalls

As many of you know who are on our mailing list, we have a Canine Health Alert Newsletter that we send out whenever there is something we feel you need to be made aware of.  Our goal is to provide a healthy, safe and fun environment so we keep our ears open and report back to all of you.  Recently, we have sent out several of the Canine Health Alerts associated with the Diamond Pet Food Recall which just keeps expanding.

Please note that it has been reported that humans can become ill just from handling some of these foods.  I suggest you bookmark any/all of the following links and check on them every few days to see if the list is expanding to a dog food YOU serve YOUR dog or ….. go to the site of the dog food you feed your pet – call the company and ASK them if any of their dog food products have been recalled.    

The following is a list of all the brands currently associated with the Diamond Dog Food Recall:

Canine College does not sell any of the above dog foods.  We sell three kibble brands; Fromm, Orijen and Acana. 

Listen – if your dog is lethargic, is vomiting or has diarrhea call your dog’s VET!  If it was you suffering from salmonella – well, you get it.  I know, it can be expensive to go to the Vet but it doesn’t usually cost anything to call and ask their staff IF there is a dog food recall you are unaware of and/or if your dog’s symptoms are something that may warrant a trip to the vet!  Excessive vomiting, diarrhea or lethargic behavior is certainly something you need to call about!  Don’t put it off – your dog feels lousy and you can help.