Private Lesson “Independent Study” Program

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Private Lesson “Independent Study” Program

Our “Independent Study” program is a unique program that includes 1, 1-hour, in-depth training session for you and your dog with one of Canine College’s lead trainers.

The customized program benefits families whose dogs:

  • Have the basics down, but are looking for more advanced training
  • Require specific assistance with fear-based behaviors
  • Are not suited for group class (uncomfortable with dogs, on-leash barking/reactivity)
  • Would like to progress through their training program at their own pace

Prior to your session, Canine College will take a detailed history of your dog’s behavior.

During your session you will discuss specific behavior challenges. Canine College will provide you with:

  • A detailed training plan
  • Suggestions on training tools, additional resources, etc.

Within 48 hours after your session you will receive an emailed summary of your session.  You will also receive unlimited email support for 30 days following the arrival of your emailed summary.

Appointment dates and times vary. Please contact Canine College to schedule.

Total Cost for Independent Study Program $150