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Puppy Potty Training – Day Training

Puppy Potty Training is tough work with lots of attention to your dog’s needs.  Canine College has developed two terrific Potty Training Programs to help.

Our 10 day Puppy Potty Day Training Program (6:30am – 6:00pm) is a program for the owner who wants to have their dog home with them at night.  We will form a team with you – us working with your dog during the day and you working with your dog in the evening hours to put in place a potty training program with positive results.  Of course, our puppy potty training will also include introduction to leash walking, “wait”, crate training, and potty training for dogs ages ages 10 weeks – 20 weeks.

We cannot say this often enough – we are a dog friendly force free training facility which means we do not use electric collars aka “remote collars” or “e collars”.  We offer a training methodology that reinforces and builds your positive relationship with your dog for longer lasting results.

Please call our offices for more information and reservations  248.427.8245


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