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Puppy Potty Training – Board & Train

Training a puppy take time, consistency and a schedule. Our busy lives, our schedules, our family needs may not allow for the intensive work of successful Puppy Potty Training.  We are here to help.  Your dog will stay with us for the duration of your customized program during which we will work on Potty Training, setting a schedule and incorporating crate training as well.  Of course, we will also introduce leash walking, “wait”, and crate training.

Your furry student will have his own private dorm room for meals and sleeping.  Please note – we do not use crates but if you are crate training your furry student, we will incorporate crate training into the program.

Our Puppy Potty Board & Train Program is a terrific solution for the owner of a young dog who needs a little help setting a great foundation using positive reinforcement training.  The duration of this program is customizable to fit into your schedule and help meet your needs.

We cannot say this often enough – we are a dog friendly force free training facility which means we do not use electric collars aka “remote collars” or “e collars”.  We offer a training methodology that reinforces and builds your positive relationship with your dog for longer lasting results.

Associated Puppy Programs: Another option for puppy owners is our very popular Puppy Development Program – often the perfect blend/mix for the young dog who is still mastering the potty training but is now ready to learn a few more behaviors.  Check it out – the  Puppy Development Program, a customized Puppy Program for overnight boarding or day training. Speak with our training team for more information and customization of a program for you and your family.

Price includes boarding fees, training fees and daycare for eligible dogs.  Please call our offices to discuss our program and for reservation availability.  248.427.8245

Also Available: Puppy Potty Training – Day Training