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Puppy Program Dog Daycare

We have a terrific program for your puppy who is 12 weeks to 6 months old.  Your puppy is eligible to participate in our College Prep Puppy Program – dog daycare for puppies for an incredible cost of $70/week – 6 consecutive days of daycare for only $70.  

Our program is so much more than just daycare for your your furry family member – your puppy will learn socialization, meet our groomers, meet our staff, learn to take breaks in our dorm rooms (if you are crate training your pup, just let our staff know and we will select some of our smaller dorm rooms aka kennels for your training pup).  Bring lunch – bring lunch and dinner, no problem and no extra cost either.  We will feel your furry student lunch and/or dinner and you can even keep a week of meals supply at Canine College.

As your furry student grows, physically and mentally, he/she will graduate from our Freshman Hall to our JV, Sophomore or Varsity halls to play with the appropriate group – a group that matches your furry student’s play style and size.

Many of our new puppy owners take advantage of our in-house certified trainers who offer a Puppy Development Package – a 3 week comprehensive and complete puppy development program.  Call today to enroll your furry student   248 427 8245.