We have two pretty girls for Student of the Week!
Our first student is Cali, a four month old English Cream Golden Retriever. She joined us to participate in our Puppy Development Program. She was a new puppy for a busy family who needed to learn her puppy manners and skills. She plays well on the play field and knows the appropriate manners around other dogs. Her favorite command is “go to bed” and her follow through always ended with her falling asleep at the end of her lesson. She was a very easy pup to train and was always happy with herself when she “got it right.”
Ellie is a two year old Portuguese Water Dog. She joined us in our Day Training program because she had some problems with nipping and jumping. We quickly taught her “paws off” and “leave it.” We also worked on loose-leash walking. Her walk is more of a prance and is so very cute to see. Ellie was a great dog to work with and played well on the field with all of her new friends.