Training Through Positive Reinforcement

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Training Through Positive Reinforcement

We are going to do a few blogs on positive dog training …. If you have been researching dog training classes lately, you have undoubtedly come across a number of very confusing terms used to describe different “dog schools” and the types of training methods used. Positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, correction, punishment, behavior modification, conditioned reinforcer, dominance theories, etc

Very simply, that means we reward our dogs for doing what we want them to, and remove an anticipated reward when they do something we feel is inappropriate. The key is that we don’t physically punish our dogs when they misbehave – the very latest studies in dog behavior indicate that dogs learn better when rewarded for what they do right rather than being punished, or corrected, for wrong choices.

Unfortunately, many of us tend to pay more attention to our dogs when they do something wrong, instead of when they do something right. For example, your dog is playing quietly on the floor and you think to yourself, “Whew, a break from the constant energy,” and you walk by, ignoring the dog. Five minutes later, your dog hops on the furniture and you scold him and push/pull him off. The result? More couch jumping for the dog and more frustration for you. Had you given him a scratch behind the ear or tossed a toy for him when he was playing quietly on the floor, he may not have tried the couch-game for attention.

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