Day Training

Canine College is pleased to offer an “Independent Study” program customized for you and your dog. This is an enormously popular program where our highly-trained and knowledgeable staff work with your furry student during the day while you are away, and you pick up your furry student at the end of the day. We love it … our students love it … and you’ll love it too!

This is our one-on-one customized and personalized behavior modification or basic obedience daytime training package – your dog goes home with you at night and attends “school” at Canine College. You help design the curriculum – just let us know the wanted/unwanted behaviors that are of most concern to you.

You are the boss – you tell us what you want us to work on with your furry student. Here are some of the most commonly requested:

Door manners/Greetings – When a person who rings your doorbell is suddenly startled by a furry student jumping and barking at the door, or for the dog who jumps on everyone.  How about that dog who just reacts to the doorbell or someone knocking on the door like a crazy dog …. We can help.

Leash Pulling – Yes, dogs are curious, but is leash-pulling nonstop, or does your dog nearly pull your arm off trying to get to somewhat that he/she sees?  We can help.

Counter Surfing – Yep, we hear it all the time …. Ask Deb how roasts have disappeared off the table oh, and that time the whole platter of sandwiches for guests disappeared.  We can help.

Toy/Treat Surrender – Are you tired of having a tug-o-war with your dog when you try to take toys or treats away?  We can help.

Recall – You call your dog’s name … she turns and looks at you …. then she keeps going.  May-be she does not even turn and look at you … oh dear.  We can help.

We will train your dog during the day. You drop them off, just like for daycare, Monday-Friday and we will us to work with your puppy or dog during standard daycare hours (6:30am-6:30pm). Our expert trainers take your dog away from group play for some special one-on-one time to teach. Package includes daycare and training for one price.

Your dog will enjoy doggie daycare (if approved for group play) and go home with you at night. You will receive a daily report of your dog’s progress and items you can work on at home with your furry student. You will notice your dog’s behavior changes.

Your dog will experience Canine College’s unique approach to training by developing a personalized plan that is effective but also fun while we train and shape wanted behaviors through positive reinforcement. We do NOT use Electric Collars (known as Remote Training Collars). Canine College’s training methodology rewards positive behavior and emphasizes dog–friendly training practices.  Our Day Training Programs vary in investment price and duration set by you.

Ready to get started? Just let us know on the training questionnaire that you are interested in our Day Training Program, and we’ll get you on your way!