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1457535_10152408013301404_1851313059945294181_nA personal note from Deb: Thank you for a decade of experiences and growth. Remembering back a decade ago when I decided to open a Dog Daycare, Boarding, Grooming and Training facility seems just yesterday … and at the same time … so long ago. We opened our doors, June 1, 2006.

A decade of multiples of Ten: Tens of thousands of decisions, Ten times I wish I had done something different, Ten times I am so happy I decided to do something this way or that way …. Ten times a year life events were disrupted by “the business”, Tens of thousands of great dog smiles, glances, positive behavior breakthroughs, Ten times a month a client thanks staff for helping them with their dog …. Ten times a week I am so grateful for the support I’ve had over the last decade ……. Ten times a week I am so happy I decided to do this … Ten thousand people to thank ……

Goals: 1) Employees. 2) Dogs. 3) Dog Owners.   In that order

Goal 1) A primary goal I had then and continue to have now is to create a workspace where employees “wanted to come to work. Looked forward to their day at work and not dread it”. I continue to work hard with the leadership team at Canine College to maintain a safe work environment, provide benefits, career development opportunities and compensation that sets benchmarks for our industry.

Goal 2) The dogs, … it’s always about the dogs. I wanted to create a place where dogs and their owners feel safe and calm leaving their dogs. A place where dogs wanted to be, a safe and clean environment where they could have fun, interact with other dogs (their kind), learn and grow with. A place I would feel confident a dog owner could pop in unannounced and see, at a moments notice, that their dog was well cared for and happy.

Goal 3) The dog owners. Customer Service was and will always be another primary goal. We customize almost every service we offer to personalize it for each dog owner and furry student. Rarely do we have a “cookie cutter” service option. We continue to grow our service offerings providing value services to assist with our dog owners and furry students to make life with their dog the best. We work hard to do common things uncommonly well.

Our success is, of course, the result of some terrific people who helped carve our position into one of the leading Dog Care Facilities in Michigan – people like Amber (joined us in 2006), Heather (Dean of Student), Stephanie, Fred, and Linda to name just a handful who can be found on the job at Canine College to this day.

I am blessed and grateful to have the best family who have tolerated my Holiday and family interruptions because “business calls”, the best customers, best co-workers, and, of course, the great dogs.   When it is all said and done ……

“With a quiet look of their eyes, lift of their paw, sidelong glance and those wonderful smiles and playful antics they melt my heart and wash away the problems and troubles of the day.” D Watkins