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Remy is fed raw. Dogs of all sizes are on raw diets

Raw Foods are now far more popular than in the past and there is much more information available.  You can find pro and con information all over the web – following is information provided to me by our distributor – I think it is pretty good info.  Why is raw food more and more popular?  Many reasons but the two most common reasons are the recognition of the health benefits and the convenience for the pet owner.


The many health benefits include:

  • Shinier coats, healthier skin, and less shedding
  • Cleaner teeth, healthier gums, and fresh breath   Chewing all of those bones helps to keep teeth really clean
  • Better weight control and stronger muscles
  • Improved digestion with naturally occurring enzymes and bacteria.  I cannot tell you how many dogs struggle with digestion but when introduced or switched to a raw diet, their digestion immediately improves!  Ask us about it at the front desk – we can introduce you to your furry student’s school chum’s parents who can verify this!
  • Reduction of allergy symptoms.  As stated in one of my earlier blogs – my own dog, Gracie (Golden Retriever) even as a puppy of 14 weeks had horrible – horrible allergies.  I remember Doc Rozenbaum looking at her and shaking his head about how bad the allergies were going to be as a full grown dog.  Well, we have her on raw food and there are no – I repeat no allergies at all. 
  • Harder, smaller, and less smelly stools.  Okay, pooper scooper services are just not pleased about this but you will be!  There are just fewer, smaller stools to be collected in the yard!
  • More energy and stamina, increased mobility in older animals.

“Home Style” – there are brands available that just need to be rehydrated – that requires about 10 minutes of rehydration after you add water.  We feature Grandma Lucy’s in the Bark Shop.   Great for taking on vacation if you cannot take the frozen raw.  

Key Features:

  • Whole chunks of veggies, fruits and meats
  • Human Grade
  • Living enzymes, remain alive thus aiding in digestion
  • A good bridge to frozen raw
  • Available with and without grains and with different proteins

Raw – Freeze Dried:  Just like frozen, but freeze dried are available in nuggets, nibblets or patties.  These often have the exact ingredients as frozen raw formulas – just add water.   Brands we carry in the Bark Shop:  Primal and Vital Essentials.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE these!  I sometimes break up the Primal nuggets and sprinkle them over the top of my dog’s raw, or just hydrate them for a switch!   Our Primal rep often suggest introducing raw to your dog via these nuggets.   Truth be told, Canine College has been offering freeze dried nuggets for many years – we would use them as part of our hot school lunches when we first opened.  Great for taking on vacation if you cannot take the frozen raw. 

Key Features:

  • Same formulas as the frozen raw but more convenient
  • Great as a topper, daily meal, or a few times a week as a supplement
  • Complete and balanced – different proteins are available
  • Many have fruits and veggies
  • Same health benefits as frozen raw

Raw – Frozen:  Raw, frozen meat – different varieties may contain muscle meat, organ meat, bone, fruits, and veggies.  Some are complete while others require being supplemented with vitamins and minerals.  We carry Primal and Vital Essentials in the Bark Shop.

Doc is Remy's littermate. Doc also enjoys raw diets

Key Features:

  • Closest foods to nature itself
  • Protein levels that mirror “prey model diets”, low in carbs, higher in moisture
  • Available in a variety of single source proteins – to help support dogs with allergies or sensitivities
  • Very palatable
  • Available in nuggets, patties or large bulk rolls