Puppy Development Program

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You asked – we customized a program just for the owner of a new puppy.  

Our puppy development program is a dog-friendly, force-free training program geared specifically for puppies six months of age and younger. It is a three-week program where puppies come and learn with us during the day Monday through Friday.

While you puppy is with us they will play in daycare, learn puppy manners from other puppies, private training lessons 2-3 times per day to work on “sit”, walking on a leash, “here”, polite greetings and recall.  We didn’t forget potty training – your puppy will receive reinforcement of your schedule house training, being introduced to grooming tools and we will even work on crate training if you’d like. We will introduce your puppy to our groomers and grooming room in a kind, friendly and gentle manner thereby eliminating the fear so many dogs have of grooming.

We focus on consistency and rewarding good behavior with treats, play and praise. We do not use any punitive training methods, so your puppy will not be exposed to e-collars, pinch, prong or choke collars, shouting or dominance of any kind.

The investment for three weeks of daycare, three weeks of private lessons 5 days per week is $1095.  Call our training department to enroll … today.  248.427.8245