Canine College is a structured environment where your dog can be a dog, utilize the pack skills he was born with and communicate instinctually with other dogs. At Canine College doggie daycare, our students are never left unattended in the playfield with other students – setting us apart from other metro Detroit doggie daycare service providers.

About Daycare
Students play in our Halls all day with one lunch and one dinner break. All-day play with us provides your student exercise and activity that is vital to his or her life longevity. Additional benefits of doggie daycare include socialization, mental stimulation, absence of boredom and weight control just to mention a few!

What makes Canine College different?

  • No reservations required
  • No “required” drop-off hours
  • Playfield “coaches” skilled in dog management and pack behavior
  • Low person-to-dog ratio: we actually “play” with your dogs
  • All day supervised play! Not 2 or 3 hours like other dog daycares – we are talking day!
  • Segmented play fields based on size, play style and temperament
  • Outdoor access: Each of our playfields has an attached outdoor field, allowing your dog to relieve themselves on K9 Grass to reinforce healthy, learned behaviors.
  • Latchkey (optional late hours) Mon-Sat
  • College Vision WebCams are private and password protected to insure your privacy
  • Sack lunches: Opt to bring your dog’s lunch and/or dinner and we will feed your dog for no extra cost. We also offer many food options for purchase.

Watch your student LIVE on CollegeVision

Parents enjoy the peace of mind knowing their student is not left alone for long hours. While it’s difficult to leave your companion at home while you juggle the demands of home and work, you are able to log onto our private College Vision WebCam and watch your Canine College student play! Caution: we are not responsible when your co-workers crowd around your computer monitor to watch your student with you and the boss walks by!

Our Playfields

  • Varsity Hall for our larger and more rambunctious students! This large indoor field has indoor play equipment and is roomy enough to easily accommodate a good game of canine field football, soccer or tennis!
  • Sophomore Hall is for our dogs who have matured and outgrown (physically) the Lower Classman Hall BUT are not quite mature enough for the Upper Classman Hall.
  • JV Hall for our smaller and more timid students. This field, equipped with play equipment designed specifically for dogs, is perfect for your students who are smaller or timid.
  • Freshman Hall is designed for our younger and smaller students….. Our youngest students and puppies. A perfect play to romp and get to know other canine students. Wonderful socialization skills that last a lifetime can be built in this field! Your student will learn “doggie language” from other dogs – a language that cannot be taught by humans.

Daycare For Puppies – Puppies have special needs and we are here to help you!

  • College Prep Program – This is an affordable way for your puppy to meet, greet and become comfortable with people and other dogs for the first 6 months of age – the window of opportunity you have to help mold your new dog’s socialization skills. For 12 weeks to 6 months of age, this option provides 6 consecutive days of care for only $70.
  • Office Puppies – For young puppies 9-12 weeks, become our “office puppies” option. Puppies can graduate to group play at 12 weeks. Put your puppy in a special place which has become a fan favorite on our social channels.

Daycare Tuition 

Whole day (More than 5 hours) $29
Half day (Less than 5 hours) $16
10 Daycare visits*
(Must be used within 60 days of purchase) Save $20!  ($25/visit)
20 Daycare visits*
(Must be used within 90 days of purchase)  Save $80!   ($23/visit)
30 Daycare visits*
(Must be used within 6 months of purchase) Save $150!   ($22/visit)
60 Daycare visits*
(Must be used within 9 months of purchase)  Save $360!   ($21/visit)
College Prep Puppy Daycare Program – for young dogs 12 weeks to 6 months (Must be used within 6 days of purchase) $70
Freshman  Daycare Package Program for dogs that are 6 to 10 months of age (Must be used within 6 days of purchase.) $115
Hot School Lunch fresh from our “Nibble and Kibble Cookery” $4
College Grub (our food), per meal, per student $3
Sack Lunches: You supply food, we feed your pet FREE
Administration of medication and shots FREE

For additional information about Canine College policies and more, see our FAQ.