College Prep Program – for Puppies!

///College Prep Program – for Puppies!
College Prep Program – for Puppies!2019-06-26T03:55:29+00:00

Puppies have special needs and we are here to help you! We are launching our Puppy Socialization program aka the College Prep Program. This is an extremely affordable way for your puppy to meet, greet and become comfortable with people and other dogs for the first 6 months of age.     The first 6 months are a critical time for your puppy when they determine what is safe, fun, acceptable behavior is and what is not. After this window closes, your dog’s brain has become less receptive to change. Your puppy will enjoy the company of other dogs and our trained College Coaches during the day while you work rather than being at home waiting for you … alone …. in a crate. So come-on, get with the program! College Prep Program Outline:

  • Available to puppies from 12 weeks to 6 months
  • Cost $70.00 per week, paid on Monday
  • Puppies can come for all day daycare Monday through Saturday
  • Owners don’t have to worry about “puppy” being left home alone
  • Terrific way to expend puppy energy
  • An affordable dog daycare introduction
  • Puppies must have first set of shots
  • As your furry student grows, physically and mentally, he/she will graduate from our Freshman Hall to our JV, Sophomore or Varsity halls to play with the appropriate group – a group that matches your furry student’s play style and size.

Ask how you can enroll your new puppy in the Canine College Prep Program today! Call (248) 427-8245