Canine College “Faculty and Staff” consist of cognizant individuals who respect the environment in which they work, and genuinely care about the well-being of the pets we care for. It’s not just a job; it’s a privilege to care for all of our furry students .


Student Escort

Madysen joined the team in the summer of 2018 as a Student Escort. She is a Sophomore at Fenton High School, has numerous pets including a rabbit, horses, at least 3 dogs and heaven only knows how many goldfish in her pond! She is a student of equestrian and loves all horses - she even has a miniature horse! She is a hard worker and pleasure to have on our team. We are thrilled to have Madysen working with us.


Student Escort

Jillian, pictured with Wally (a customers dog). Jillian joined us in October 2017. She attends Walled Lake Central, Class of 2020. She has a Daisy Dog named Chica, and a horse named Iris. Jillian enjoys dance, horseback riding, and art.



Gina, pictured with Kane (a customers dog). Gina joined us in May 2017. She was previously one of our Student Escorts, but is now one of our coaches out on the play fields. She started at Wayne State this fall (2018). Gina has 2 dogs at home, Sophie and Pepper.


Student Escort

Payton, pictured with Alaina's Paws With A Cause dog Uker. Payton joined us in August 2017. She attends Churchill High School, Class of 2019. She has two dogs, a Shih Tzu named Gavin and a Labradoodle named Noah, a cat named Meow Meow, a lizard named Lila and a horse named Jake. Payton enjoys working with dogs and the company of her friends.



Kevin joined our team in 2017 as a play-field coach. He does not have any pets of his own so he loves working at Canine College! Kevin attends Oakland Community College and is majoring in Business Administration. With his spare time Kevin enjoys playing and watching various types of sports. He also loves to play video games with friends. (Kevin is pictured with Jadah the labradooodle).


Housekeeping - Student Care Specialist

Tavaris joined us as a housekeeper and you may even see him helping out up front by running dogs. His brother Donte who has been with us for quite a few years helped him get the job! Tavaris recently graduated from North Farmington High School and plans to attend college for automotive engineering next year. He has a dog of his own named Auntie. With his spare time, Tavaris enjoys playing video games and spending time with his friends.


Sr. Student Escort

Holly is our most Senior Student Escort here at Canine College. She actually followed in her brother's footsteps after he was one of our original Escorts as well. Holly will be attending Michigan State University in the fall of 2017. After she graduates from MSU, Holly is planning on enlisting in the army. Holly has a black lab named Belle, who comes in to Canine College when Holly and her family go on vacations!



Blake volunteers at a Bat Sanctuary. He works as a coach on our Varsity play field. He has a lab mix named Arti and a Russian Tortoise named Bobalovintopsinfrotsi that is 5 years old and has a life expectancy of 50 years. Blake is an Eagle Scout and has a Bachelors Degree in Zoology from Michigan State University. Blake started here in March 2015!



Lynette is one of our Varsity field coaches and has been an animal lover her whole life. Her employment history includes working with animal in every job. Lynette has 2 dogs of her own: Tremmel, who is a Beagle/Bassett Mix, and Whitaker, who is a Pit Bull. With her free time, she likes to volunteer at the Mutts and Mutts Animal Rescue.


Student Care Specialist

Kristin is one of our housekeeping staff. She loves animals and has quite a few of her own: Max (Cockatiel), Sparty (Leopard Gecko), Bailey (Shih Tzu/Maltese Mix), and a tarantula. When she isn’t working, she loves to read and watch movies with her pets. (Kristen is shown in this photo with Prince the mini poodle).



Linda has been grooming with us for years - just a few years after we opened. She has been grooming for 7 years and most of our staff call her the, “Dog Whisperer.” When she isn’t at Canine College, she likes to travel, and spend time with her grandchildren. Linda also has 2 dogs of her own: Maggie Mae and Griffin. (Linda is grooming Prim)



Brittney, close friend of Admissions Specialist Emily, joined Canine College in late 2014. Starting out as just a Playfield Coach, we quickly realized that she was fit for multiple positions in our building - you can find her anywhere! Brittney absolutely loves pugs and has been a dog lover her whole life! Although she doesn't have a dog of her own, Brittney has two cats named, Bella and Zoey. With her spare time, Brittney can be found going to concerts and movies, traveling with family and friends, and going to Detroit Red Wings games! Brittney is pictured with Clutch the Rottweiler!


Admissions, Training Team Member and Coach

Dylan started working with us in October of 2014. He was drawn to doggy daycare by his passion for dogs and one day hopes to purse a vet technician degree. Dylan can be seen in the playfield and at the front desk as an Admissions Specialist AND has more recently joined our Training Team. Dylan has a gorgeous black pit bull at home named Dozer. On his days off, he enjoys attending music shows and spreading positive vibes. The staff and all the dogs love Dylan!


Lead Coach

Sarah joined our team in July 2013. She has a biology degree from Grand Valley State University. Sarah enjoys drawing and hiking in her free time. Sarah loves animals, she has two golden retrievers named Jack & Maya, a toad, & a bird. Sarah loves the Varsity field!


Admissions Specialist

Darlene joined our staff in November 2013. You may have seen Darlene in our lobby prior to that with her dog Shelby, as they were a customer before joining our staff! Her furry Canine College Student, Shelby, an American Eskimo, started attending daycare back in April 2011. Darlene is a proud grandma of three girls and a boy. She loves nothing more than to spend her spare time gardening and taking care of her koi pond. Her favorite flowers are peonies and roses.


Admission Specialist

Sam joined our staff in April 2013. Sam's sister, Amber, also works with us as one of our managers (you might have seen her in the lobby). Between Sam and her parents, she has two dogs, Tonic and Tequila, as well as 3 cats, Marco, Max, and Mandy. In her spare time, Sam loves to read. When the weather is nice Sam, along with Tonic and tequila, will walk up to Silver Dairy in Farmington for some ice cream. (Sam is pictured with Tonic and Tequila) Get to know Sam - we have plans to keep her here a long long time!


Student Care Specialist

Lauren joined our family in 2013 and loves helping us by making sure all our furry friends are taken care of properly and lots of love! She is the quiet one in our Canine College family, but we learn something new about her every day! She has a gecko and a black cat named Panda. In her spare time, Lauren likes to volunteer with the birds of prey at the Leslie Science & Nature Center. Lauren has a degree in computer animation and really enjoys drawing, especially birds. She is a great addition to our team! Welcome Lauren!


Student Services

Emily joined our staff in March 2013, originally as a Student Escort. Soon after she decided to become a member of our Student Services Department. Emily is attending the University of Michigan - Dearborn and is majoring in English with a minor in Journalism and Screen Studies. She has two boxer mixes named, Captain and Dooley, as well as 2 guinea pigs, named Abby and Fluffy. In her spare time she loves to go to concerts and travel with friends. Emily is a huge Detroit Red Wings fan and can be found at games regularly!


Playfield Coach

Alison joined our staff in February 2013. You will often see her in the Varsity field - Allison has a beautiful Golden named Griffin who is at her side while she works on her many arts and crafts projects. Alison loves drawing and knitting and LOVES the BIG dogs! Welcome Alison!


Facilities Maintenance Manager and Playfield Coach

Fred joined our faculty in January 2009 and we don't know how we got along without him! Fred was looking for part-time work and ended up staying on FT, taking a lead position here. Fred loves all dogs and is most often seen in the Varsity playtfield. However; Fred and his lovely wife own several pugs, Lulu is most often seen tearing around on the JV field. Fred is a Certified Pet Care Technician.


Playfield Lead Coach

Stephanie joined our faculty in April 2007. Steph had little exposure to dogs prior to working at Canine College but quickly found she loved them! She has worked her way through the pack and is now one of our primary Lead Playfield Coaches. Stephanie knows every dog, every characteristic ... she is amazing! She is the proud owner of Carley, a dog we were fostering at Canine College whom she adopted! Stephanie is a Certified Pet Care Technician.


Assistant Dean

Amber joined our faculty (drumroll ...) August 2006! Amber loves Border Collies and is the proud owner of Gunnar and Shooter! Amber is responsible for admitting top-notch recruits to Canine College for a smart, healthy and vibrant student community.


Dean of Students

Heather joined our faculty in October 2009. She has loved animals all her life and is the proud owner of Prince (poodle mix), Dillon (unknown mix) and Mason (pug). Heather is often seen at the front desk, helping our furry student's owners, working with staff to keep the front lobby, aka the Bark Shoppe, in tip top condition. Heather works hand-in-hand with the faculty keeping Canine College at the head of the class in dog care services!

Deb Watkins


Deb Watkins opened her dog daycare, boarding, training and grooming facility in May, 2006. As the years passed and with the help of a supporting family and a terrific faculty, she was able to move the business to a larger building in January 2010 just 8 doors down the street from the original business to support the growing demand for quality canine care in a fun environment via Canine College! Deb has two dogs - Gracie, a young Golden Retriever and Remy, a Shorkie. Deb is grateful for all of the support she has received over the years from so many people .... “With a quiet look of their eyes, lift of their paw, sidelong glance and those wonderful smiles and playful antics they melt my heart and wash away the problems and troubles of the day.” D Watkins