My 4 yr dog has been going here since he was first able to. Since then we have recently added another pup to our family and they both always have and continue to love it here. They get so excited when we pull up,my older dog needs to get tons of exercise to de-stress and when I pick them up they are pooped, calm and happy. We moved about 2 yrs ago and I tried a different daycare program at another place and they lied to me in order to sell classes, the staff was full of high schoolers but were never the same people on hand and my older dog came back depressed for 4 days so we drive further to bring them to Canine College instead. We’ve also recently done training lessons with CC and have been very pleased. The staff is always friendly and helpful and greets my dogs by name as soon as we come through the door! It’s very helpful that staff is very comfortable especially with my loud mouthy older dog.

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