Canine College Services

Group Classes

Join the pack!

Look no further for the best Michigan dog training classes that are fun and enjoyable. We take extra care to ensure that group classes are small, informal, personalized and lots of fun! Our Group classes run for six consecutive weeks and meet one day per week for one hour, unless otherwise stated.

If you’re a working parent, our classes are held on different weekdays and even weekends to accommodate drives to and from the office.

We encourage more than one handler/family member per dog to come to class! Our training leash walking classes are designed to encourage family participation and our trainers are skilled at working with handlers of all ages!

Beginning Obedience Class

Our training Honor Classes are group dog training classes that focus on the most common dog behavior challenges:

  • Walk nicely on a leash
  • Politely greet people
  • “Leave it” – don’t pick up certain items
  • Come when called

The classes are designed to be family and dog friendly. We use reward based training and avoid painful or fear-based punishments. Dogs of all shapes, sizes, ages and breeds are welcome. Dogs who are most successful in group class are those who are comfortable around other dogs on leash. Dogs who are excessively barky or uncomfortable around new dogs and/or people should consider our Independent Study course.

Classes are six weeks long, with email support and homework. Classes are small – a maximum of 6 dogs per class – and families are encouraged to attend with their dog.

Class Cost w/Email support – $150 · Class Duration – 6 weeks
Reservations required – call 248.427.8245


Complete the questionnaire and our trainers will contact you to arrange a Professional Training Evaluation and provide advice and guidance to get your dog started on the path to just the obedience training he/she needs. Be honest with this inquiry form and do not be embarrassed to answer “yes” or add behaviors to this form. Please fill out one form for each dog that you would like us to evaluate.

    We welcome the opportunity to meet with you and your dog and help make living together as delightful as it can be!

    We will email you but in the rare case we'd like to ask a few questions, what is the best time for us to reach you by phone?



    How long have you owned your dog?

    Where was this dog acquired?

    How many people live in your home?

    How many children?

    Children's Ages

    Part of our training may include teaching your dog to enjoy his or her own space for “quiet time” in a crate. Is there anything you would like us to know about your dog’s present reaction to being crated?

    Is your dog crate trained?

    Does your dog chew bedding while in crate?

    Home Alone

    Door Manners

    Leash Walking

    Possessive Behaviors

    Miscellaneous Behaviors

    Is there anything else we should know about your dog that we did not discuss during the evaluation, or over the phone? Any information you can give us will help with the training program.

    Not everyone has time to personally train their dog. Are you seeking to have professionals like us work with your dog privately, or do you prefer to participate by attending group classes?

    Please tell us what you would like to see – what are the ideal behaviors? If we were to meet 6 months from now, what would you like your dog’s behavior to be like?

    I am human (not a dog or robot)