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Canine College is one of the largest, premier dog boarding and doggie daycare facilities in Metro Detroit. We care for dogs of all breeds and ages, offering indoor and outdoor doggie daycare, boarding, training, grooming and retail services. Our human play field coaches are qualified with canine management skills, breed-specific knowledge, First-Aid, CPR and pack behavior training.

All “students” are admitted upon successful completion of our “pledge” program, ensuring a friendly environment for the entire student body. Drop in for a tour… we love showing off.  

Welcome to Canine College

Specialty pet services for your dog including daycare, boarding, training and grooming.

Where It's Cool to Drool

We stock pet care products for your fur babies

Come in for a large selection of Premium Food, Treats, Toys, Training Gear, Leashes, Premier Collars and Harnesses, Thunder shirts and much more.

Deb - with dog Farley

Deb Watkins


Heather Krug

Dean of Students
Amber Maxwell, Assistant Dean

Amber Maxwell

Assistant Dean of Students


See What They're Barking About!

It’s spooky season and you know what that means? Time for a full day of apple picking followed by a thrilling haunted house adventure!

But what about your furry best friend? Let them emBARK on their own pup-venture at Canine College Doggy Daycare.

We’re open late night, so you can enjoy that midnight screening with peace of mind.

Learn more at caninecollegemi.com/daycare

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“Started going here because they are one of the only places that take puppies. The evaluation and first day were free. Our puppy played non-stop for 5 hours. I watched my pup on video and he always looks like he`s having a grand old time. The dogs have access to an outdoor space at all times. Love that!” - Lori C.

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🐾 Finn has really become the master of "leave it!" What a good boy! 🐶

🏆 Stop by and say hello Trainer Alyssa and let`s see what your dog can do!

☎️ 248-427-8245

🐾 Our boys Teddy and Dakota really love our Brain and Fitness training program! It gives them the opportunity to brush up on some old commands, practice some tricks, and even play some brain games! 🐾

🐶 Want more information? Stop by and say hello to Trainer Alyssa, or give us a call at 248-427-8245! 🐶

Grooming isn`t just about looking fabulous – it`s a ticket to a healthier, happier pup! Just like us, regular pampering and checking for skin, eyes, and teeth changes can make a world of difference.

Ready to shower your furry scholar with love and care? Treat them to the finest grooming experience in Metro Detroit!


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Embrace the Silence: Deaf Dog Awareness Week

Their world might be quiet, but their spirits shine brightly! It’s time to celebrate our furry friends who navigate life without sound.

👂🚫 Unheard, Not Unseen: Deaf dogs are proof that communication goes beyond words.

Did you know?:
🐾The most common breed is the Dalmatian.

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Fall color tour planned? Book your pup’s stay with us! They’ll play all day with other pups of similar size and play style under the supervision of our trained Canine Coaches.

At night, they’ll have a freshly cleaned and private dorm with a bed, where they’re likely to dream about all the friends they made that day.

Call to book today: 248-427-8245

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“Julie does a great job grooming our dogs. We drive 35 minutes to get them groomed at Canine College. Also, they love playing before bath time.” - Michelle G.

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Welcome to a haven of tail-wagging treasures – introducing Canine College Bark Shop!

We`re your go-to source for the latest, the greatest, and the most pawsitively thrilling items for you and your beloved furry companions.

🐕‍🦺 From toys that challenge minds to gear that enhances adventures, we`ve got it all.

🐕‍🦺 Ask our staff members for recommendations! They`ve put countless products to the test!


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The kids are back in school and you’re getting into a new routine…but what about your pup? Are they getting the socialization and stimulation they need?

It’s the perfect time of year to check out our Doggie Daycare!

🐾 Just like students in the classroom, our furry friends spend their days engaged in all-day play!

🐾 Our playfields are monitored by trained Canine Coaches at all times so that pups can get their human-love fix AND safely play with other pups.

From interactive play to lasting friendships, your furry scholar won`t regret a single moment spent with us!

Enroll in daycare today--first day is always free!: (248) 427-8245

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Nurturing Pups the Positive Way at Canine College!

Welcome to our Puppy Development Program, where every tail wag marks a step towards a confident, well-behaved companion. Our approach revolves around consistency and celebrating good behavior through treats, play, and heaps of praise!

Enroll today:

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Dog enrichment is an important part of a dog’s overall health and happiness. It can be as simple as hiding small treats or kibble around the house for your furry friend to sniff out. It`s a pawsitively engaging way to keep them entertained and mentally sharp.

If you’re unable to find the time for enrichment for your dog at home, bring your pup to Canine College for daycare! Playing with other dogs, for a half or full day, will benefit their mental and physical health immensely.

Learn more on our website:

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We`ve gone the extra mile to create a haven where tails wag, paws play, and furry friends frolic without a care in the world!

Imagine a “meadow” that`s tailor-made for dogs...Our doggy daycare fields are equipped with K9 Grass, helping reinforce good housetraining habits.

🌱K9 Grass is also antimicrobial, quick-draining, and non-toxic, ensuring a safe environment for all day play.

Learn more about daycare: https://caninecollegemi.com/daycare

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Check out our latest testimonial:

“Canine College is a MUST for socialization with other dogs/people and it also gives dogs important mental stimulation. We would be LOST without Canine College! They are a Godsend!!”

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Is your pup high-energy?

Our Enrichment Brain & Fitness program is here to save the day!

🌟 We provide stimulating activities, including brain games and physical exercises, to keep your furry friend engaged and fit.

🌟 This highly flexible and customizable program is available from Monday to Saturday.

💻 You won`t miss out on the fun either! We`ll send you daily reports of your dog`s progress, along with valuable tips and activities you can continue at home. It`s a win-win for both of you!

Enroll your pup today and let`s keep their energy focused and their minds engaged!

📞 (248) 427-8245

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It’s International Homeless Animals Day!

Today, we honor the love and joy that adopted animals bring to our lives. Let`s give some extra snuggles and celebrate our furry friends who found their forever homes.

Michigan animal shelters took in 131,000 cats and dogs and adopted out 84,000.

💙 Support local shelters, promote spaying/neutering, and advocate for responsible pet ownership. Together, we can make a difference for homeless animals worldwide.

🐶 Volunteer, donate, or contribute to rescue organizations in your community. Your kindness helps create a brighter future for these furry friends in need.

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“I don`t have enough words to accurately convey how much we LOVE Canine College… We have been clients there for over a year now, EVERY experience has been wonderful! From the front desk staff to the playfield staff, trainers, dog handlers, EVERYONE is professional, caring and attentive”

Thank you for this 5-star review!

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Introducing Doggy Latchkey Services!

Remember the days of being a latchkey kid?

Just like the latchkey experience from your youth, our optional late hours ensure that your pup is well taken care of even when you`re not available. They`ll have a blast with their furry pals in our safe and supervised doggy daycare.

Let your pup explore, play, and socialize while you take care of your responsibilities. Our professional team is here to provide a stimulating and loving environment, ensuring your dog`s happiness and well-being.

Try out our daycare services today: (248) 427-8245

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