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Canine College is one of the largest, premier dog boarding and doggie daycare facilities in Metro Detroit. We care for dogs of all breeds and ages, offering indoor and outdoor doggie daycare, boarding, training, grooming and retail services. Our human play field coaches are qualified with canine management skills, breed-specific knowledge, First-Aid, CPR and pack behavior training.

All “students” are admitted upon successful completion of our “pledge” program, ensuring a friendly environment for the entire student body. Drop in for a tour… we love showing off.  

Welcome to Canine College

Specialty pet services for your dog including daycare, boarding, training and grooming.

Where It's Cool to Drool

We stock pet care products for your fur babies

Come in for a large selection of Premium Food, Treats, Toys, Training Gear, Leashes, Premier Collars and Harnesses, Thunder shirts and much more.

Deb - with dog Farley

Deb Watkins


Heather Krug

Dean of Students
Amber Maxwell, Assistant Dean

Amber Maxwell

Assistant Dean of Students


See What They're Barking About!

Planning a spring break vacation for yourself? Book your pup’s vacation with Canine College! Your pup will enjoy all-day play and a restful evening in a private dorm. Sign them up for a private training session during their stay or a little one-on-one snuggle time with our late-night staff. Your furry friend will have just as much fun on their vacation as you do on yours! Call 248-427-8245 or visit caninecollegemi.com to book their stay.

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Oh yes, it’s spring cleaning! Grooming appointments are limited at this time of year, book early.

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Drop a pic of your pup below because you know you’re LUCKY to have them in your life! ⬇️

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If your dog could use some help with their manners, we’ve got a lesson plan for that! We have a program called Enrichment B&F (Brain & Fitness). It’s a great option for the busy furry student owner who wants to reinforce or have a quick refresher on basic commands. Call 248- 427-8245 to enroll!

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Need an overnight stay for your pup? We don’t charge an hourly rate after 24 hours nor do we have required check-in or out times! Bring your dog or puppy as early as 6:30am, bring their food, or purchase our college grub, and we will assign them a comfy dorm room. They can play all day, spend the night with other furry classmates, and play all day the following day as well— up to 36 hours for ONE overnight boarding fee.
Call 248-427-8245 to book or visit bit.ly/3msBHhW to learn more!

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Are you working from home and finding it challenging to focus because your furry friend wants your attention? Our Doggy Daycare is the perfect solution for your pup! Your dog will participate in supervised play with other pups of similar size, play style, and temperament. All-day play provides your dog with the exercise and activity he needs, and you get the uninterrupted work time you need!
Call us at (248) 427-8245 to learn more!

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Our Puppy Development Program takes care of the puppy socialization (also known as puppy play time!) and our trainers work off the field one-on-one with your pup on basic obedience like come, sit, and stay. Call 248.427.8245 to start!

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“These people really care about your baby. You can actually watch your pet via video having fun.” ...

When you sign up for daycare or boarding, you can also add on training sessions for dogs already enrolled in the training program. Great for intelligent dogs that could use extra mental exercise or dogs that need a refresher on a skill! Call 248-427-8245 to ask us more or to sign up. ...

Spring break is just around the corner! If you’re traveling to warmer weather, book your pup’s stay with us! They’ll play all day with similar-sized pups and enjoy a clean, comfy private dormitory at night to catch up on their beauty sleep. Save your pup’s spot: 248-427-8245. ...

Happy National Walking the Dog Day. Would you like a little help with your furry student's leash walking? Give us a call - our Brain & Fitness program can be designed to work on leash walking.
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Drop off your dog at daycare after the kids make it to school. You can run your errands or have the house to yourself while your kids and dog have a full day of stimulation with others! Our daycare dogs LOVE coming to Canine College; they get to play with other dogs with similar play-styles under the attention of our coaches (experts in dog behavior and pet first aid!), so by the time they come home, they’re ready to settle into your evening routine and fall asleep quickly! Sign up online or call us—248-427-8245. ...

“Julie is the best groomer! She is very kind, patient, and always does an excellent job!” #fridayfeedback ...

Happy Valentines Day!

It’s the season of LOVE! If your dog had a dating profile, which picture would they use? Tag us so we can have a good laugh today! Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️ ...

“My dogs have been going to Canine College for almost 7 years. I have always had a very good experience here.” ...

It’s the coldest month of the year! Not all dogs want to play in this kind of weather, but they still need mental and physical stimulation. Our Enrichment Brain & Fitness Program is just what they need! One-on-one obedience training–Sign up for sessions at caninecollegemi.com or 248-427-8245. ...

Winter puppies don’t get as much opportunity to play with other pups and it can be harder to work on obedience when we’re all cooped up inside. Our Puppy Development Program takes care of puppy socialization (also known as puppy play time!) and our trainers work one-on-one with your pup for basic obedience like come, sit, and stay. Sign up online or give us a call—248-427-8245

Hey holiday puppies! Yes, you who surprised and delighted your family as the best Christmas gift ever! You’re the perfect age for our Puppy Development program. Now is the time to learn your manners and how to appropriately interact with other dogs so that you’re not fearful as you get older. Visit https://caninecollegemi.com/puppies/ to learn more! ...