Canine College is the largest, premier indoor / outdoor dog daycare, boarding, training & grooming facility serving Farmington Hills, Michigan and surrounding communities since 2007. Our service offerings are designed to utilize the latest expertise, best practices and products available in the pet-care industry for a happy and healthy pet.

Canine College is a structured environment where dogs can utilize the pack skills with which he or she was born. This is where dogs are free to communicate instinctively with each other and, well, just be themselves. Our human coaches are qualified with canine management skills, breed-specific knowledge, First Aid, CPR and pack behavior training.

All “students” are admitted upon successful completion of our orientation program, or “pledge” program, ensuring a friendly environment for the entire student body. We are located near the 10 Mile and Haggerty intersection and Novi border. Drop in for a tour – we love showing off!

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