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After a full day of play and a final set of games on the fields for the day with school chums, your furry student will retire to a private room to find it prepared with a sling bed, fresh water and his or her favorite toys or treats. We will tuck your student in tightly, impart a warm hug, turn the lights down low and allow them to drift off to sleep and dream of their victories on the playfields that day.

Your dogs do not spend their weekend locked in a crate at Canine College! We have daycare Monday through Saturday (Yes… even on Saturdays) from 6:30 AM to 6:30 PM. Your dogs who have successfully passed our temperament test will be playing in our doggie daycare on Saturdays and Sundays!

We offer Sunday pick-up and drop-off hours.  We do not have any required “check-in or check-out times”.  We do not charge an hourly rate after 24 hours! Our “overnight boarding at Canine College” covers the time we open on the day you drop your dog off until the end of the day you pick your dogs up – that can be up to 36 hours for one overnight boarding fee!

Our 24 hour security system is activated should anything go bump in the night plus we have a team of trained faculty members who stays late and even into the wee hours of the morning walking the Dorm Halls, cuddles those students that need a little extra tuck-in, watches movies with lucky students whose parents have ordered Snuggle, Snack and a Show, and taking care of those “last call!” late night potty breaks and so much more.

Prices in effect as of 4/15/2021

Room & Board Tuition

Special meals preparation
(ingredients provided by parent)
Administering medication, vitamins, topicals.
(anything prescribed by a vet MUST come to us in its original container)
Private Play Session
One-on-one field time with Coach
Private Cardio Treadmill Sessions
Private overnight dorm or loft, meds administration, meal service, laundry and all-day daycare
(up to 36 hours)
Shared dorm* overnight, meds administration, meal service, laundry service, all-day daycare
(2 students: up to 36 hrs)
Shared dorm* overnight , meds administration, meal service, laundry & all-day daycare
(3 students - up to 36 hrs)
Private Studies Room & Board, meds administration, meal service, laundry, and 3-4 outside play sessions**
(1 Student - up to 36 hrs - Special Needs)
College Grub / Kibble
(per meal)
Fresh Hot School Lunch
from our “Nibble and Kibble Cookery”

For additional information about Canine College policies and more, see our FAQ.

Holiday Pre-Payment Policy

For dorm room scheduling purpose, all peak Holidays reservations require non-refundable pre-payment for the first night of your furry College Student’s stay. This Policy includes the following Holiday periods: Winter Break, Spring Break, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and the Winter Break-New Years Holiday Season. Our Cancellation Policy does not apply to these reservations – these reservations are non-refundable deposits.

* Dogs sharing a room must be from the same family. Boarding fees do not have 24 hr restrictions
** Private Study dogs are dogs that do not play with other dogs for a variety of reasons …. older dogs, intact adult animals, medical conditions and dogs who love people but do not play well with other dogs. As we say – not everyone wants to go to a party! So our Private Study dogs have their own comfortable dormitory room, 4’W X 7’L X 7’H and have a private time with a coach every day along with frequent private field play. Dogs over the age of 7 months that are not spayed or neutered will not be able to play in our playgroups and will be considered Private Student students.