Canine College Services


Shed Happens!

  • Canine student hasn’t been laundered in months?
  • Does your doodle’s “doo” need a re-doo?
  • New Academic year is here – Is it time for a fur-do?
  • Have mid-terms been a dog-gone tough?
  • Is there hair everywhere?
  • Looking for the best dog grooming Farmington Hills?

You can improve the health of your dog, its coat, and skin in an affordable easy step that is fun and relaxing for your favorite student! Schedule an appointment for your College student in our Dirty Hounds Grooming Salon where we understand that “shed happens”. Grooming has numerous benefits that can help prevent many dog health problems before they arise. Like humans, regular grooming and attention to changes in the skin, eyes, and teeth can help maintain your student’s good health.  Give your furry student a day at the spa and treat her to the best groomers in Metro Detroit!

Dirty Hounds Grooming uses the HydroSurge Bathing System. This system fuses water, shampoo and air to create a combing action spray that penetrates an animal’s hair right down to the skin safely breaking up oils and removing dirt, parasites, and dry, flaking skin. We feel this is a superior and soothing bathing system and our students’ bodies agree!

Our faculty will be glad to give you a price range for your specific breed and special requests. Please call our offices for pricing and reservations!


Dirty Hounds Tuition

Soothing Hydrosurge Bath and Blow Dry
SHED-LESS Treatment
Teeth Brushing
Nails (cut & grind)
Full Groom
Bath, Brush-out, Nails & Ears (BBNE)

For additional information about Canine College policies and more, see our FAQ.