Should I bring my dog’s bed, toys and food bowls?

/Should I bring my dog’s bed, toys and food bowls?

We prefer that you do not bring your dog’s bedding when the pools are out during the warmer months.  Your furry swim team student will undoubtedly get the bedding wet during the lunch break when he rests.  Unfortunately, your student may be drier at bed time, but the bedding will remain wet possibly resulting in sores or hot spot development on your furry student.  Let us provide our Canine College fresh bedding every night for your furry student.  During the winter and cooler months you are welcome to bring your student’s bedding – but it is not necessary as we have lots of fresh bedding available.  We have raised beds (aka sling beds), bowls and lots of toys on the playfields we provide at no extra charge. If you would like your dog to have his toys for his dormitory room or loft at night, please feel free to bring them. We will not put his toys in playgroup with him.